Christian Ermer

Christian Ermer Amann Girrbach

Christian has been driving global product strategy and marketing in the dental industry for almost ten years now. He strongly believes that “digital is better” and strives to keep dental laboratories in high demand regardless of the modern technological challenges and help them be up-to-date and relevant for the future.

Born and raised in Weiden in der Oberpfalz, a beautiful and small town located in northern Bavaria, Germany, he started his professional growth as an advertising business agent for a large global mail order group, and later graduated as an MBA student in marketing and strategic management from the University of Passau. Already during his study years Christian had a chance to expand his expertise working for large international companies, such as Volkswagen AG in Germany or OTTO International in Hong Kong.
Combining his experience of a student-consultant and the knowledge harvested in the fast-moving consumer-goods world, after his graduation Christian joined Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Munich on a challenging four-years’ journey. In 2011 he was invited to KaVo Dental to head global product management and to lead a team of 10 global product managers for the Business Unit Instruments. In September 2013 Christian joined the team of Amann Girrbach AG, where he presently holds the position of CMO, managing the strategic development and global upstream marketing for the complete company product portfolio. One of the core challenges of Christian’s present work is driving the digital transformation of Amann Girrbach.