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Zolid DNA Generation — a CAD/CAM material portfolio for simply everything

A well-organized material portfolio for all possible indications. In this expert talk, MDT Benjamin Votteler and Product Manager Markus Bröder explain exactly what this CAD/CAM material portfolio entails and what advantages it brings to everyday laboratory routines.

The new standard: the CAD/CAM materials portfolio from Amann Girrbach The choice of different CAD/CAM materials has increased enormously in recent years. As a result, customers are faced with a more or less unmanageable range of materials where even the experts have difficulty in finding orientation. For this reason, Amann Girrbach has set itself the objective of offering its customers a portfolio which is both manageable as well as providing the right material for every desired indication. The new standard with only one blank shape, the 98mm blank with plastic frame, combines all the advantages of the previous 71mm blank. No irritating flaking when clamping the blank in the holder, no material stress due to the holder fixture, plus the repositioning capability of the blanks are just some of the advantages of the new standard.

  • TopicProduct lecture
  • LanguagesDEENESITFR
  • Release dateFri. 23 April 2021, 5:45 PM CEST
  • Duration40 minutes

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