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The route to a perfect fit — from analog to digital

No delicious food without the right spices? Why correct data preparation in the Ceramill system proves decisive. The two worlds of analog and digital are on a collision course, which is exactly why precise data preparation is indispensable in both cases. In a live talk, the experts Andrea Anding and Dietmar Schaan explain the differences between the digital and analog worlds and why the first steps in model management are so important for achieving a perfect outcome.

From analog to digital – the foundation for excellent model management

Amann Girrbach's wide range of products offers the right procedure for every indication. Regardless of whether the dentist or dental technician chooses analog or digital model creation, the Ceramill workflow offers expert and precise products for analyzing accurately detailed data in both cases. These data form the first important starting point for precise further processing and a perfect outcome.

The more precise and meticulous work is performed during model fabrication, the better the final result will be. Therefore, both the analog and the digital process chain include a facebow, which provides important data regarding the jaw and bite situation and helps to avoid later dysfunctions.

In addition to the facebows, the ARTEX CR and the Giroform system complete analog model management and provide the basis for a perfect scan with the Ceramill Map 600+ scanner.

On the digital side, Amann Girrbach rounds off the portfolio with an ARTEX virtual articulator, which is used to simulate perfect function, and the new high-performance Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner, which provides a fast and accurate scan of the patient situation. The use of these products guarantees the path to a perfectly fitting denture.

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  • Release dateFri. 23 April 2021, 2:00 PM CEST
  • Duration60 minutes

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