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“The Discovery of Function" — How to implement it in the daily routine of a dental office

Since the beginning of my carrier I always intended to make exact and precise prosthetic works for my patients: wearing loupe, prepare shoulder, use the highest quality impression materials in order to show to my dental technician the tiniest details exactly.

Four years ago I decided to step to next level and invested in a Facebow and an Artex articulator. Parallel of it, I participated on 2 trainings and workshops organised by Amann Girrbach. Immediately after the trainings I built the use of AG equipment in my daily routine and I’ve never thought that I could use them so easily. My perspective has changed: I always try to find the right positions of the upper an lower jaws and share these information with the technician, helping him to prepare prosthetic works where the surfaces of teeth are articulating perfectly. In my presentation I would like to show my way how to make dental works perfect on a simply way. This lecture was held and recorded live at the IDS 2023. To review the lecture online please register on the link above.

  • TopicIDS 2023, Speed webinar
  • LanguagesEN
  • Release dateWed. 19 April 2023, 4:00 PM CEST
  • Duration45 minutes

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