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Prosthodontic Protocols for the Modern Dental Team: A team approach to navigating the prosthodontics restorative landscape

Ask the expert

  1. Webinar Support says:

    Thank you for joining today’s webinar! If you have any questions for Joshua Polansky please write them in this chat box and they will be addressed at the end of the presentation.


    Agradecido por la formación. Saludos desde Sevilla en España.

  3. sam Cain says:

    What material was the DJ’s made with? which shade?

  4. Prof. Dr. nai bang lin says:

    what luting cement you will recommended for veneer case

  5. Prof. Dr. nai bang lin says:

    if there is a case of one veneer and one crown together , what is your protocol to fabricate it if doctor want to do it at same time

  6. Prof. Dr. nai bang lin says:

    what is your choice of technique to do the feldspathic porcelain case?

  7. Prof. Dr. nai bang lin says:

    thank you so much for answers!!

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