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#primetimemachine — How the Ceramill Matik can improve your daily dental routine

Thermomix in the kitchen, Ceramill Matik in the lab – what's the difference? 40 percent more time for value creation with Ceramill Matik? And how exactly does this work? In an expert round directly at the machine in the laboratory, Thomas Gienger and Hansgeorg Kaul discuss how the Ceramill Matik can simplify work, particularly in small laboratories, thus giving the dental technician more time for dental work.

40 percent more time for value creation – the Full Service Unit from Amann Girrbach feeds itself with blanks and tools Amann Girrbach revolutionizes the digital laboratory routine with the new Ceramill Matik processing unit. The innovative Full Service Unit combines the actual processing station with a fully automatic stock management system, with intelligent tool management and an integrated cleaning unit, which enables an automatic change between wet and dry mode. This means that the Ceramill Matik works fully autonomously and can also manufacture unsupervised during the night or on weekends. The dental technician is thus freed from unproductive secondary activities, which previously occupied up to 40 percent of his/her working time. This now allows the dental technician to concentrate 100 percent on the essentials: dental technology per se and the creation of value in the laboratory. But what exactly does this imply for everyday routines? Using a direct application, Thomas Gienger and Hansgeorg Kaul explain everything ranging from A for application, C for convenience and cleaning, M for materials management, O for operation to R for RFID and T for time-savings. Interested parties can directly follow how easy application-related CAD/CAM production is with the Ceramill Matik and where time and thus valuable dental technician hours can be regained with the first Full Service Unit.

  • TopicProduct lecture
  • LanguagesDEENESFRIT
  • Release dateThu. 22 April 2021, 3:15 PM CEST
  • Duration60 minutes

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