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One day dentistry in first class quality

MDT Benjamin Votteler and Dr. Andrea Klink use a patient case to demonstrate how One Day Dentistry can be performed without compromising quality - treatment of the patient is presented, starting with the preparation of two individual crowns, followed by their technical fabrication from zirconia, through to adhesive insertion. Perfect results can only be achieved if the laboratory and the dental practice focus on their respective core competencies and work together as a team.

This presentation is intended to demonstrate the smooth cooperation between the laboratory and the dental practice using the treatment of a patient as an example: "One day dentistry" means that the patient attends the dental practice in the morning, the teeth are prepared and scanned, and the data are subsequently transmitted to the dental laboratory, enabling the dental technician to fabricate the desired restorations. Owing to advances in materials science and technology, restorations can now be incorporated on the same day without compromising quality when compared to a conventional workflow. However, in addition to a functioning workflow in a well-coordinated team, efficient patient data transmission (IOS data, transmission of facial arch data, photo status,...) which complies with data protection guidelines is also necessary.

  • TopicStrategic lecture
  • LanguagesDEENKO
  • Release dateWed. 21 April 2021, 2:45 PM CEST
  • Duration45 minutes

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