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Import/export — Data management in the digital workflow or playing the "Telephone Game"?

How do intraorally acquired scanning data find their way from the clinician into the digital manufacturing process? What are the challenges in everyday routines? To avoid outcomes like in the well known "Telephone Game", the aim of the presentation is to illustrate the paths of the generated data in a comprehensible "roadmap" and quickly highlight their use in practice step by step.

I would like to show the dentist - being the person who records the scanning data - the wide range of available options offered by the manufacturers of intraoral scanners. What interfaces are available for this purpose? In the role of being the traditional partner when it comes to fabrication, the dental technician relies on interfaces connecting them to the clinician. Due to the variety of iO systems available on the market, taking on digital orders turns out to be time-consuming and expensive for the technician. Interfaces have to be established and secured, patient data frequently needs to be exported and re-imported. Cooperation with the clinician using secure as possible processes is therefore made more difficult. Successful data management forms an important part in an increasingly digital working environment. Clarity and security in the digital workflow are prerequisites for successful teamwork and top-quality patient care. I would therefore like to provide an independent and transparent breakdown of the workflows offered by popular manufacturers with their different approaches.

  • TopicStrategic lecture
  • LanguagesDEEN
  • Release dateFri. 23 April 2021, 4:30 PM CEST
  • Duration60 minutes

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