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Hybrid and direct: a look ahead on digital integration

One of the most difficult phases for a dentist is the period that is called Digital Transition. At this stage, most of the professionals need to adapt the “analog” experience in dental prosthesis, with the new technologies. The planning is done without models, the capture of tooth preparation through the intra oral scanner instead of the use of traditional silicon impression, among other changes, were a “milestone" for dentists and dental technicians. To reduce time and costs many dentists have chosen for the technology known as "chairside". However, a large number of professionals realized that there would be a need to create a totally different flow and that they often made the procedure more expensive and created new problems. In order to create a workflow that would adjust the inherent problems described above, this presentation will show a mixed process for technical and clinical improvement when using cad-cam technology.

  • TopicStrategic lecture
  • LanguagesEN
  • Release dateFri. 23 April 2021, 7:00 PM CEST
  • Duration45 minutes

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