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Ceramill DRS — The ROI of digital transformation!

Digitization in interdisciplinary collaboration. Project Manager Elena Bleil demonstrates how the new Ceramill DRS system and its components enable the rapid and simple fabrication of single-tooth restorations by the laboratory and clinician team.

Maximum flexibility and efficiency in the restoration process with Ceramill DRS

The Ceramill DRS system opens up new avenues for perfect interdisciplinary cooperation between the dentist and the dental laboratory. The objective is to enable the next stage of digital evolution in the prosthetic workflow and to profitably exploit all the advantages this brings with it.

The dental laboratory is positioned at the center of the prosthetic workflow - with close involvement and digital exchange with the clinician to provide highest possible quality and patient satisfaction. Experience how to connect to your clinician or laboratory with the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit and the unique AG.Live platform. The Ceramill DRS Production Kit as well as the DRS Material Kit enable interdisciplinary collaboration for restorations in a single session or on the same day.

  • TopicProduct lecture
  • LanguagesDEENES
  • Release dateWed. 21 April 2021, 1:00 PM CEST
  • Duration40 minutes

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