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Automation & Cost Savings with Matik

Ask the expert

  1. Webinar Support says:

    Thank you for joining today’s webinar! If you have any questions for our speaker please write them in this chat box and they will be addressed at the end of the presentation.


    Agradecido por la formación. Dr Rogelio Álvarez Marin. IMOA. CLÍNICA DENTAL. SEVILLA. ESPAÑA.

  3. (Dr) Bernard, Bernie Unrau (D says:

    Thank you. -Dr B Impladent Inc

  4. Mr. Dental technician Kit says:

    Hi, Richard. Have u done any telescope case?

  5. Dr. IVAN PINILLA says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your presentation. The increase in demand for zirconia means decrease in what materials? E-max for example?

  6. Mr. Dental technician Kit says:

    Hi Richard, do u mill all the full arc dental teeth and glue them together with the mill base? Can the matik mill the ivoclar denture system where teeth n base are mill together.

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