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Anterior monolithic crown with Zolid Gen—X

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  1. Dr. Webinar Support says:

    Thank you for joining today’s webinar! If you have any questions for Dr. Atsushi Hasegawa please write them in this chat box and they will be addressed at the end of the presentation.

  2. Mr. STURE LEVÉN says:

    how to get max retention for cement.

  3. Mr. Lukasz Sopalowicz says:

    Hello Atsushi and all AG Team

  4. Mr. CINDEA EDUARD says:

    How are you apply the glaze on the monolithic zir?
    What glaze are you using?

  5. Dr. soon teik tan says:

    How many times you can fire the restoration for staining and glazing purposes?

  6. Dr. Webinar Support says:

    If your question is in English, a translated answer will be provided in the recording.

  7. Hr. Joze Joze Friedlos says:

    Do you use the ceramill liquid new formula at gen x? How is the expirience

  8. sam Cain says:

    For veneers can the zirconia be cemented and stay cemented, without coming off?
    Also, Is there a Bonding material brand that works

  9. Dr. Johann Paulenyak says:


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