The route to a perfect fit — from analog to digital
Andrea Anding
Andrea Anding Amann Girrbach
Dietmar Schaan
Dietmar Schaan Amann Girrbach
Fabian Kempkes
Fabian Kempkes Amann Girrbach
Universal zirconia esthetics with Zolid Gen—X
Mona Manderfeld
Mona Manderfeld Amann Girrbach
Joachim Maier
Joachim Maier Joachim Maier Dental Design
3D—printed full dentures in everyday laboratory routine: digital — exact fit — highly esthetic — profitable
Gerrit Scholz
Gerrit Scholz Amann Girrbach
Hansgeorg Kaul
Hansgeorg Kaul Amann Girrbach
Silke Zügel
Silke Zügel Vita Zahnfabrik
Eva Kolb
Eva Kolb Vita Zahnfabrik

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