Splitex - Mounting of Splitex Plate Set into Artex C articulators

This tutorial shows how to mount the splitex plate sets into Artex articulators of the C series (CR, CT, CPR) in order to commonalise them.

Splitex Plate Set – Check of articulator commonality & removal of the plate sets

This tutorial shows how the commonality of the articulators can be tested using Splitex. Additionally you see how the Plate Set can be easily removed from the articulator (from 03:24).

Artex CR - Adjustment of the incisal guidance table

Quickly and easily explained by an Amann Girrbach product specialist.

Artex CPR - The arcon base device

Details about the latest articulator of Amann Girrbach. Information on the usage of the new feature, the retrusion, according to the scope of application - full dentures, cast dentures and splints.

Zebris - Advanced Registration

This tutorial shows the complete workflow of the joint and jaw movement analysis with the digital facebow Zebris for Ceramill.

Zebris - Basic Regisration

Short workflow tutorial about the basic bite registration with the digital facebow Zebris for Ceramill.

Artex Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to calibrate your Artex articulators with the aid of Splitex and how to apply and articulate highly-precise models in the Artex articulators (MM)

Giroform Tutorial

This video shows you how to create highly-precise models within the dental laboratory with the Giroform pindrill system and how undesirable plaster expansion can be avoided.

Artex Facebow Tutorial

This video shows you how to apply the facebow correctly on the patient and how the registration with the bite fork is fixed for a safe transport into the dental lab.

Artex CR - Condyle path inclination

This tutorial explains how to take position registrations (protrusion and lateral bites) in order to determine the individual patient data and thus to be able to set them later in the Artex CR articulator.

Artex CR - patient data transfer

Tutorial on bite fork transfer, articulating the models through to recording the individual patient data (condylar path inclination & Bennett angle) in the Artex CR articulator.

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