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Capitalizing on digitization with the right strategy — Panel Discussion
Jan-Frederik Güth
Prof. Dr. med. dent. Jan-Frederik Güth Goethe-University Frankfurt
Wolfgang Reim
Dr. Wolfgang Reim Amann Girrbach
Falko Noack
Falko Noack Amann Girrbach
Andreas Kunz
Andreas Kunz President EADT
Andreas Moritz
Prof. DDr. Andreas Moritz University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna
Daniel Edelhoff
Prof. Dr. med. dent. Daniel Edelhoff Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Siegbert Witkowski
Siegbert Witkowski University Freiburg
Florian Beuer
Prof. Dr. med. dent. Florian Beuer Charité University Berlin
One day dentistry in first class quality
Benjamin Votteler
MDT Benjamin Votteler Votteler Dentaltechnik
Andrea Klink
Dr. Andrea Klink University Tübingen
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Rapid—Sintering with Zolid DRS — sintering of zirconia restorations faster than ever before!
Markus Bröder
Markus Bröder Amann Girrbach
Alexander Müller
Alexander Müller Müller&Edelhoff Dentallabor
Nikolas Schnellbächer
Nikolas Schnellbächer Müller&Edelhoff Dentallabor
3D—printed full dentures in everyday laboratory routine: digital — exact fit — highly esthetic — profitable
Gerrit Scholz
Gerrit Scholz Amann Girrbach
Hansgeorg Kaul
Hansgeorg Kaul Amann Girrbach
Silke Zügel
Silke Zügel Vita Zahnfabrik
Eva Kolb
Eva Kolb Vita Zahnfabrik
Universal zirconia esthetics with Zolid Gen—X
Mona Manderfeld
Mona Manderfeld Amann Girrbach
Joachim Maier
Joachim Maier Joachim Maier Dental Design
The route to a perfect fit — from analog to digital
Andrea Anding
Andrea Anding Amann Girrbach
Dietmar Schaan
MDT Dietmar Schaan AG Trainer
Fabian Kempkes
Fabian Kempkes Amann Girrbach

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