CAD/CAM curriculum of the AG Academy 

Digital Dental Education at its best 

This is the starting point of the AG Academy, our new international e-learning and knowledge platform. Beginning in the summer of 2021, the AG Academy will offer the relevant contents for a wide variety of needs and levels of knowledge with flexible options for imparting knowledge. The reason being that innovations in technology, materials and processes only live up to their full efficiency and quality potential if users make optimum use of them.  

The AG Academy will enable the planning of CAD/CAM curricula, i.e. entire training programs on matching topics. For this purpose, the industry, academic institutions, laboratories and dentists will provide theoretical and validated practical knowledge. We intend to place special emphasis on the interdisciplinary interaction between the laboratory and the dental practice.  

All graduates receive their official certificate after a performance review, which is issued in cooperation with leading universities in dentistry. Starting in the summer, we intend to continuously expand and supplement the contents of the AG Academy - tailored to the requirements of the dental industry.  

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