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Digitization puts all stakeholders on an equal footing

Interview with Dr. Cyrus Alamouti and MDT Sina Moghadam about their experiences with Ceramill DRS.

Wed. 26 April 2023, 12:00 AM

Digitization puts all stakeholders on an equal footing

The new modular Ceramill DRS (Direct Restoration Solution) System from Amann Girrbach creates flexible options for digital dental prosthetic workflows between the laboratory and the dental practice. The laboratory can produce high-quality dentures within a single day, and in the dental practice simple restorations of very good quality can even be fabricated chairside in a single session. An integral part here is the AG.Live cloud platform, which centrally manages patient cases in compliance with the GDPR and HIPPA. The users can exchange information on the cases directly on the platform, including the required files. This makes processes safer and more cost- and time-efficient. Practicing dentist Dr. Cyrus Alamouti and MDT Sina Moghadam give insights into their daily work with Ceramill DRS in the following interview:

Dr. Alamouti, what prompted you to work with Ceramill DRS?
We have been using the Amann Girrbach process chain for some time now. Therefore, Ceramill DRS represented another welcome add-on and service proposition to our patients which we have always been waiting for. We can now quickly realize single crowns directly in the practice and involve our dental laboratory in the more complex work as required and for each process step; this form of flexible collaboration is enabled by the joint AG.Live platform. It makes our everyday work easier because the system is open and allows us access from any workstation. This is of enormous benefit, especially for our work within the hospital network, as we work with different systems and products at our respective locations.

Mr. Moghadam, what has been your experience with Ceramill DRS in the laboratory?
Ceramill DRS brings significant relief to our laboratory. The application is simple and the service provided by Amann Girrbach is very good. This allows us to better support the dentist according to individual needs and leaves us more time for demanding work.

The Ceramill DRS System has also set itself the mission of bringing the dental practice and the laboratory closer together. Dr. Alamouti, Mr. Moghadam, do you see this task as having been accomplished?
Dr. Alamouti: Yes, we consider the task to be accomplished. AG.Live is the direct connection with which data can be securely transferred and shared based on the cloud. This is the key prerequisite for well-functioning cooperation between the dentist and dental technician. In particular, when we think of the next generation in practices and laboratories, then we need to offer functioning digital process chains. Plaster and manual work will be a thing of the past in the near future. And we also hope that this progress in digitization will make the profession of dental technician more attractive again and thereby bring more young people into dental technology. Sina Moghadam: In the laboratory, it is important that we can cooperate efficiently and as easily as possible with our partner in the dental practice. With Ceramill DRS, Amann Girrbach has managed to offer a well-functioning digital workflow which makes precisely this possible. The communication and sending of the data sets work very well via the AG.Live platform.

Mr. Moghadam, do you think that a system like Ceramill DRS can really improve the quality of dental restorations permanently?
It is not so much a direct improvement in quality - that is already very good - but an improvement in the workflow as a whole, which makes our daily routines and communication with each other far easier. The system enables real-time and eye-to-eye communication. This gives us more efficient, faster and less error-prone processes and, in the end, better results.

Mr. Moghadam, what has been your experience with the Zolid DRS material?
The material features a very homogeneous surface, so the machine can already mill the edges very thin. The entire crown no longer requires any finishing, but can be stained directly and then inserted.

Dr. Alamouti, what is your opinion of the new zirconias from a dentist's point of view?
The materials are becoming more and more perfect, both esthetically and also in terms of processing as well as with regard to their mechanical properties. From a dentist's point of view, however, I believe that the limits of what is feasible have almost been reached. Things could hardly be better.

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