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Copying the anatomy of healthy teeth from the remaining tooth population for restorations

Mon. 24 January 2022, 11:14 AM

Copying the anatomy of healthy teeth from the remaining tooth population for restorations

When designing crown and bridge restorations, as well as inlays and veneers, model tooth libraries are largely used to create the anatomy. Less well known, however, is the possibility of copying healthy teeth from the remaining tooth population in order to adopt the natural, individual anatomy of the patient for restorations.

The function offers the option to select individual teeth of the remaining tooth population on the jaw scan, which are then selected fully automatically. The selection can be copied for adjacent restorations or mirrored for restorations in the opposite quadrant. It is then created and positioned as a reference for further construction. As shown in Fig. 1, it is also possible for bridges to mirror several teeth of the remaining tooth population. As the design progresses, the shape of the copied/mirrored anatomy is transferred to the restoration and can be adjusted as usual using various tools. In addition, antagonist and occlusion relationships are adapted.

The tool therefore offers an easy and quick way of copying the natural and thus esthetically ideal tooth anatomy of a patient. For example, the function is suitable for simulating the patient’s age status with simple steps and to incorporate this into the denture.

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