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5 tips for processing zirconia

5 valuable tips for processing restorations with zirconia

Mon. 21 June 2021, 12:00 AM

5 tips for processing zirconia

Fig. 1: Restoration made from SHT zirconia Zolid FX

1. Stick to the rules:

Adhere to the design parameters of the manufacturer in the CAD software and nesting process.

2. Check the instruments

Check the milling machine and milling instruments before milling – to guarantee a precise milling result.

3. Utilize the tips, documentation and media of the manufacturer

The application guide from Amann Girrbach for the Zolid DNA Zirconia materials regarding the customization or numerous tutorials on YouTube concerning the design, preparation, shading etc. provide highly useful tips & tricks.

4. Careful separation of restorations from the blank

Parallel instruments are best suited – preferably with a small diameter and which do not trim too aggressively. Separate the crown connectors applying only low pressure and circular movements. A soft support on the bench also prevents damage to the framework  if it falls on the bench when separating.

5. Carefully trim connectors

Cross-cut tungsten carbide cutters, diamond rotary or abrasive rubber instruments are suitable for trimming connectors on the restoration. I prefer cylindrical or disc-shaped, gray silicone rubber polishers for leveling and smoothing.


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Mon. 28 June 2021, 12:00 PM

Close-up: Zirconia surfaces

MDT Joachim Maier ran an ad hoc test series to analyse the effects of mechanical processing on sintered zirconia surfaces. The test involved using an atomic force microscope to examine the degree of damage caused to zirconia surfaces by grinding them with various diamond instruments (see image gallery above with the results). In the excerpt from his study published here he also provides hints as to how surfaces can nevertheless remain homogeneous.

Joachim Maier
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Full Restoration with Zolid FX

A successful concept for sophisticated prosthetics.

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The influence of the zirconia sintering temperature on its color shade

The signficance of maintaining the sintering temperature for zirconia is meanwhile suficiently well established with regard to the influence on strength and translucency.

Falko Noack
Falko Noack Amann Girrbach

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