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Innovative Behandlungskonzepte im Teamansatz — Von Analog zu Digital

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  3. Dr. Lisa Lester says:

    what is the name of the cords to record the man as he chewed on nuts to show the lab his movements

  4. Dr. yaman haddad says:

    how did u take bite registration for the upper jaw for new bite after removing provisionals

  5. Mrs. Maria del Carmen Garcia S says:

    Thanks prof. Edelhoff for your conference.

  6. Dr. Frank Drubel says:

    Thanks for excellent presentation
    Best regards from Ellwangen

  7. Dr. Irene Block says:

    No TMJ issues with 5 mm opening,( at once) even with test drive?

  8. Mr. Alvaro Rubio says:

    thank you

  9. Dr. Haroon Suliman says:

    Very informative

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