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Chairside Restorations — Thread or Opportunity for Technicians

The chairside production of dental restorations is nothing new, but more and more clinicians are interested to keep certain restorative workflows in-house. Many technicians are concerned about this and feel they might be not needed in the near future. Alexander Wuensche is giving an outlook of the future situation of Technicians and Laboratories.

Alexander will show how to take advantage of the chairside movement and how to work closely together with clients as a team and how this can help to be more involved in treatment planning, digital design, and life execution of restorations.

  • ThemaOnline-Schulung, Produkt-Webinar
  • SprachenEN
  • VeröffentlichungsdatumFr. 25. Februar 2022, 16:00 Uhr CET
  • Dauer50 Minuten

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