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Ceramill DRS — Digitalisierung lohnt sich!

Fragen Sie den Experten

  1. Dr. Anis Tabrizi says:

    thank you for this great organization and great lectures god bless you all am Dr. Anis Tabrizi from Al Ain United Arab Emirates

  2. Dr. Yunous Seedat says:

    which scanner do you recomend

  3. Webinar Support says:

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  4. Webinar Support says:

    Bitte geben Sie Ihre Fragen in dieses Feld ein. Sie werden am Ende des Webinars beantwortet.

  5. Sr. Albert Ramírez says:

    Hola, que precisión en FPS tiene el Map DRS ??

  6. Mr. motasem shanou says:

    hello, i appreciate your efforts kindly if possible to provide us the Brochure for this product in ENGLISH

  7. Mr. motasem shanou says:

    what about the DRS is available shade detection? what about the speed & Precision, is it scan for an implant without shine?

  8. Hr. Stefan Reichardt says:

    Hallo und guten Tag! Welche Investition ist für das Production Kit notwendig?

  9. Dr. Mario Natale Santomauro says:

    Podría orientar el valor “PRECIO TOTAL de inversión aproximado necesario para realizar Cad cam y fresadora Gracias

  10. Mrs. Salimah Alharbi says:

    Great lecture thank you!

  11. Dr. Richard Zimmermann says:

    greetings from us. Will AGlive be limited to your scanner or would we be able to use another scanner to send cases through it?

  12. Hr. Malte Pfarrherr says:

    Um welchen Intraoralscanner handelt es sich?

  13. Hr. Jörg Haselbauer says:

    What product /brand in the intraotal scanner?

  14. Fr. Gitte Nutschke says:

    Vielen Dank an Frau Bleil für die Präsentation

  15. Mr. Rhythm Juneja says:

    Is the pdf available for the Intraoral Scanner?

  16. Mr. Godfrey Ng says:

    What is the name or brand of the intraoral scanner for the connection kit.

  17. Dr. Sherrylee Bautista says:

    Hello. Is the product available in the Philippines? Thanks for the informative learning. Thank you

  18. Christian Köppke says:

    Auf welchem Intraoralscanner passiert euer Scanner?

  19. Mr. Godfrey Ng says:

    Does user need to pay any subscription fee for the platform?

  20. Dr. Waleed Khalid says:

    Do you have suppliers in the middle East ?

  21. Dr. Matthias Mueller says:

    Kann man scanns aus einem anderen System verwenden?

  22. Mr. Benni Votteler says:

    Wann wird der Scanner in BRD verkauft

  23. Mr. Rhythm Juneja says:

    Does our iOS can record a video?

  24. Dr. Mario Natale Santomauro says:

    Comprendo lo explicado. Agradezco cuando dispongan me envíen catálogo y lista de precios de exportación. para Latinoamérica.
    Desde Uruguay mariofernandonatale@

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